Welcome to MyMetropole

5 08 2009

London, England

This city is my city, as much as it is yours.

London opens up new worlds to me, and is so easy to navigate I can explore the diversity of the world right here, on two wheels or less.

London has countless worlds inside of the M25, a belt that holds the bulging Big Smoke together, so it doesnt Burst. There is so much to do and see and experience and touch and think and feel and learn and make and explore and start and finish and love in this city, and somehow London makes room for everyone to do anything and everything they like.

Unlike New York, this city sleeps – but it sleeps at 3am on Satin sheets, lipstick stained, up at 6, business suit and briefcase giving way to rolled up sleeves at the pub or high brow culture post-income earning hours and all skinny-jeans and fringe at an arts festival during the weekend.

I am an American from Chicago by way of Costa Rica, Guatemala and Germany settled now in Deptford, London making the most out of London – my own personal metropole for everyone to share.




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