Thames River Adventures

19 08 2009
Thames River Adventures on Regents Canal

Thames River Adventures on Regents Canal

I imagine a  5am train arriving in the dark to the dimly-lit Deptford train station, opening its doors to reveal sleepy-eyed Essex folk dressed in holiday wear heading off to early morning vacation charter flights or city workers with extremely demanding schedules in already wrinkled suits and watch marks pressed deeply into their faces from sleeping all the way into London Bridge.

I’ll be wearing sturdy jeans, tennis shoes, a jacket, and part of me feels the need to wear a hat and I’ll be wide awake, smiling in anticipation of what lies ahead. See, I’ve been waiting ages to take part in an early morning Kayaking tour with Thames River Adventures, and when that day actually comes, the time of day won’t phase me.

Through my work on a press trip last year for a canadian journalist who was doing an in-depth piece on off-the-beaten-path and ethnic london, I came across Thames River Adventures and sent the journalist on an early morning on Regents Canal with them. She came back so utterly excited about what an excellent experience it had been!  Regents Canal is breathtaking any time of day – whether its the part where you are actually IN the zoo, scooting through some of the richest houses in London or day dreaming about what it would be like to live in a houseboat docked just minutes from Camden Lock, Regents Canal is one of the most magical places for me in London, and to experience it on the placid water during sunrise – heaven. I will do this soon, and I can not wait to tell you all about it!

The Thames River Adventures people are some of the easiest and nicest to work with inLondon, and their passion for their business is clear. Obviously with a name like Thames River Adventures, they began out on the Thames, and they continue to do top-notch Kayak tours on the Big Smoke’s main water source. In fact, they do loads of different tours – Sunrise and Sunset tours, Tower Bridge tours and new Hampton Court tours (I’m sticking to the Regents Canal tour, it’s just too perfect for my tastes).

One of the most interesting aspects of this London activity is that is completely environmentally friendly and leaves no carbon footprint. It’s using your energy and muscles to power your own tour through some of the top London tourist locations, and doing so at exciting hours of the day. The more I get into cycling in London, the more I have been paying attention to just this kind of responsible and eco-friendly tourism. Pedaling through the streets or kayaking through London’s fabulous canals and waterways makes me realise that London has so many ways to be appreciated, from bus windows (local of course, not Big Bus Tours), the Overground, the DLR, boats, walking, cycling and now, kayaking!




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19 08 2009
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8 09 2009
Bill Bartmann

Great site…keep up the good work.

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