Yo! I love Sushinho!

20 08 2009

Me: I love Sushi. I LOVE sushi. So much so, I could sing it from the rooftops, musical-style.

You: But Jessica, you’re a vegetarian who doesn’t even eat fish.

Me: Yes, that’s right.  And thank god, because I have no interest at all in eating fish, baked, boiled, breaded, fried, or raw.

That is the beauty of Sushi. Like my other favorite cuisine, Mexican, Sushi does not require me to be a meatatarian to enjoy it. You can enjoy all the best flavors, concoctions and atmosphere without feeling your missing out on something, like, say, how with French cuisine I pretty much am only eating bread and cheese in many different forms.

In my inexperienced-palate of an opinion, even bad sushi is good sushi. I’ll get the £1 veggie sushi snack from Tesco, or the same £2.50 version from Marks and Spencers and gobble them down. Yo! Sushi’s grab it off the conveyor belt, shovel it in and fill up on sushi for £15 or less – love that too.

That was, until, I had the pleasure of eating at Sushinho, on King’s Road, which offers fusion Brazilian/Japanese cuisine. I was slightly confused at first too, but apparently Sao Paolo has the largest Japanese population outside of Japan, so the fusion cuisine resulted organically in Brasil in much the same way as Americans have perfected Tex-Mex Cuisine.

Our table at Sushino

Our table at Sushinho

Sushinho is an amateur sushi-lovers dream. The sushi is absolutely the most appetizing I’ve had in ages – avocado rolls, veggie tempura, even mozzerella/sun-dried tomato/rocket Maki, but also Cassava chips and  a very lovely gazpacho puree soup to go along with the Brazilian theme.  All the plates are meant for sharing, and since my partner in crime is also a vegetarian, we did some serious Sushinho sharing, including the Vegetarian sushi sharing platter – and all sharing platters are  half price on Mondays.

Located where it is, just a few meters from the Blue Bird cafe right in the heart of Chelsea, you wouldn’t expect anything but the best in terms of atmosphere, and overall, your expectations are met. The only gripe I’ve got is the service. I’ve been there twice now, and both times, the service was slower and less attentive than one would expect. Though with customers like Robbie Williams frequenting the place, maybe this is because I am a low priority for them. To be honest, the place doesn’t seem as fit for celebrities as its King’s Road counterparts, as the food was way too affordable (we paid around £35 for two with one cocktail, soft drink and a bottle of sparkling water), and the (pap) views inside all too accessible.

Either way, it’s about all about the Sushi, and Sushinho has creative, delicious Maki, Nigiri and Futomaki for all, and where else can you eat a bowl of French Fries (okay, okay, Cassava chips) with your sushi and still be considered stylish?


312-314 Kings Rd
London, SW3 5UH




3 responses

29 09 2009
The Prodigal Fool

With you on the service but, for the rest, I have to respectfully disagree. I penned my own impressions of Sushinho here: http://theprodigalguide.com/2009/03/01/chaos-at-sushinho/

29 09 2009

Hey there – your review is very well-written and I can definitely see what you mean about the service of course. Being that we were both vegetarians, I didnt have the same problems with the food that you did, but can see where you are coming from with the poor menu layout. It didn’t bother me as I was more impressed at the sheer number of vegetarian options often lacking at higher calibre restaurants in London. Thanks for reading and commenting – your Prodigal Guide is a great read!

29 09 2009
The Prodigal Fool

Thanks for your comments – much appreciated – and, indeed, I shall continue reading your blog too. I enjoy it.

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