27 08 2009

Notting Hill Carnival

It’s Bank Holiday Weekend time, and everyone is talking about Notting Hill Carnival – details on how to get there, when to go, and how to get the hell out of there and avoid the event as well. Like I mentioned in my Last Days of Summer post, I’ll definitely be there this year.

But once you’ve recovered from Carnival Bank Holiday debauchery, get down to SW20 the weekend after. SW20? you say…I didn’t even know there WAS an SW20!

It’s actually not far from Richmond Park or Wimbeldon. So no excuses – I think everyone should hit Zimfest 2009 this year in SW20 – Satruday September 5th from 12-10pm in Prince Georges Playing Fields, Raynes Park + Afterparty.


Started by Zimbabweans living in Wandsworth in 2001, the festival has exploded, taking place in London AND in Perth, Australia on the 5th of September, Cape Town in November and in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe in December. Zimfest began as a way of celebrating being Zimbabwean first, tribes and races second, in the fight to unite Zimbabweans in the face of the struggle and dearth of hope facing the country in recent years.

It’s a charity event, with funds raised supporting Zimbabwe in youth development, education, human rights delivery and the provision of basic support for the victims of the crisis in Zimbabwe, and to date Zimfest has raised £150 000.

This means, of course, that you’ll have pay £25 to get in. But for it you get the following:

Zimfest promises excellent food, beer, dancing and the music Lineup includes African, Hip-hop, Urban and Indie music – Check out the sounds of Zimfest here.

Massive international, intercultural festivities are just one of the reasons why I LOVE living in London. I can travel the world, without leaving the M25. Although, SW20 is pushing it for this SE8 girl!




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