The Sexiest Small Hotel in the World – 40 Winks

2 09 2009

Post on Carnival this year Na, don’t reallly have anything to say. Caught the parade right at the end with the amazing costumes and enthusiastic party goers, but most of the time there were too many people, too much garbage and little too much Run for Cover than I’d like to comment on.

That said – I would like talk about a place I only just ‘discovered’ last week mentioned in Le Cool London, that was featured yesterday in Daily Candy that is definitely about to pop!

40 Winks. 40 Winks

40 Winks prides itself on being the most beautiful, sexy small hotel in the world. After doing a bit of research and knowing a bit about hotels and a lot about sexy, I’d definitely have to agree.


There are only 2 very affordable, very creative rooms, each costing £80 a night. This is such a good rate, I shouldn’t even be telling anyone about this. Except the Evening Standard, Le Cool, Daily Candy and German Vogue already did. Among others.

40 Winks Rooms

Then you’ve got  their  KINK INK sketching classes. You’re provided with the materials, inspired by the sexy interior design and each of the seductive models will be imagining themselves to be a former inhabitant of this creatively kinky house. For £25 a head and free nibbles, half of London will be their faster than you can say sexy aristocrat!

How about their weird and wonderful bedtime stories, a collaborative effort with online audio storytellers Spoken Ink.  The good people at 40 Winks are offering “Tales of ghosts, ghouls and gothic horror” where a dresscode of pyjamas, nighties and
dressing gowns will be rigorously enforced.

40 Winks the evening standard

I’m sure they’ll be coming up with more creative activities that the community can get involved in, and of course, as the nearest tube station is Stepney Green, we can be sure there is no dearth of creative types drooling over this as much as I am.

What I respect the most is not their great prices or their creativity, or even the fact that they have managed to create exactly the world they had in their heads. What I love is the way this hotel is a community-based project. So many hotels and accommodation providers do not give back to the community in which they sit. Tourists come and they go, and the community is there, unaffected and not benefitting in any immediate way. 40 Winks is glamorous, creative, and invites everyone and anyone to share in their world.

Hooray for 40 Winks!




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