Flux – Deptford X Festival underway today

25 09 2009

An excuse to finally go to the Bunker Club and not be looked at like an old bag?
An excuse to finally check out many of the studios in Creekside without feeling like a wanna be?
An excuse to eat cake outside the post office at the Marbles?

Excuses? I don’t need no stinkin excuses.

It’s Deptford X Festival time, and from the Festival party at the Bunker next Friday to the exhibits in the Old Police Station, the Albany and those of the open-air variety, I am really going to soak up this Deptford-based festival!

Here’s my picks of the festival:

Cardiff-based Sam and Jason at the Old Police Station – Outsider / Informer

Jason and Sam

New X Atlantic – Artists from Goldsmiths and the Californian Arts College in the Interview Room at the Old Police Station.

Before and After – an exhibition by Fred Aylward at the Albany Cafe of old entertainment venues in the area, and a screening of Babylon, a film made in Deptford in 1980.

Towerblocks and Tunnels by German Joerg Obergfell at BEARSPACE

Knit or Die by Sally Spinks – Urban Graffiti (knitted graffiti art) at the Deptford Train Station, Johnny’s DIY and Birds Nest Club. Sally is nominated for the Deptford X Award.

Sally Spinks 2

Good Life, 2009 – billboard by Phil Ashcroft located at Goldsmiths College which relates to changing landscape of Deptford and New Cross.

Absolutely all the exhibits at the Deptford Project Space

The open studios at APT Gallery, the Lewisham Art House, the Old Police Station and 8th.

The Deptford marbles Tea and Dance Event on New Cross Square at the Marbles.

Of course the party at Bunker on 2 October – Friday night, and regarding the Old Bag comment above, I lifted this from The Deptford Dame‘s most recent post:

old bag

I’ll let you know how that all goes!




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25 09 2009
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