It’s Who You Know…Niamh and Danny from Thames River Adventures

16 10 2009

In a previous post here, I vividly imagined what it would be like to kayak on Regents Canal early in the morning with Thames River Adventures. The company offers sunrise, daytime and sunset kayak tours on Regents Canal, Hampton Court and Tower Bridge.

At 5am one recent Saturday morning, I met with Niamh and Danny on the bank of Regents Canal and spent over 90 minutes peacefully kayaking through London. As we paddled through Regents Zoo territory, we were very quiet not to disturb the sleeping animals, but otherwise throughout the rest of the tour, we exchanged stories and learned quite a bit about each other and Thames River Adventures. The idea is original, the tours, invigorating, and Danny and Niamh make even a total beginner feel right at home on a kayak.

Kayaking on Regents Canal

MyMetropole: I hear non-London accents – Where are you both from originally?

Thames River Adventures (TRA): Danny is from Christchurch, New Zealand, and Niamh is from Dublin, Ireland.

MyMetropole: Where else have you lived?

TRA: Danny has lived in the US, I (Niamh) in Cork and together in London.

MyMetropole: How did you end up in London?

TRA: Both of us came to London for work – Danny came originally as a psychiatric Nurse.

MyMetropole: Have you both always been big kayakers?

TRA: Not really, Danny introduced me to kayaking. He has been kayaking for the last 10 years.

MissDani on Canal

MyMetropole: What is your most exciting kayaking experience?

TRA: Danny kayaked on the Padis River Grade 4 White Water in Borneo. But Danny’s favourite place to kayak is London
because the urban experience is so unexpected. I love the Abel Tasmin in New Zealand because of the dramatic scenery and tranquillity.

MyMetropole: How did the idea for Thames River Adventures come about?

TRA: I (Danny) spent a summer kayaking through London and realised what a unique experience it is to kayak on the waterways in London. We thought it would be an great business opportunity as well as a eco-friendly, green business. We also were pretty sure other people would enjoy what we were doing.

MyMetropole: How is business going?

TRA: Business is going well – we now have 4 instructors working for us and we have seen business grow this year due to the year of the ‘staycation’. We even took out Natalie Imbruglia for Tuition session for one hour with her PA and stylist in preparation for a music video which she was due to film in Hawaii kayaking.

MyMetropole: What is your favourite time to be out on the kayak?

TRA: For me (Danny) it is sunrise on a crisp clear Autumn morning. Niamh loves the 10am Lunchtime Tour at Hampton Court and stopping for the well deserved pub lunch at a good old English Pub.

MyMetropole: What does Thames River Adventures have coming up?

TRA: This year 2009/2010 we will continue through the Winter. Last year we travelled through to South East Asia, Antipodes and South America. This year we look forward to seeing and kayaking London in the snow!

Regents Canal




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19 10 2009
Deptford dame

wow, that looks great! I am definitely putting it on my ‘to do’ list!

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