Juliette Lewis rocks the Shepherds Bush Empire

24 10 2009

Juliette by MissDani

Juliette by MissDani

Juliette Lewis rocked the Shepherds Bush Empire last night, albeit for a minimal 65 minute recorded for DVD session which left all fans wanting much, much more.

Shepherds Bush Empire is one of my favorite locations in London. It’s small enough to be intimate but justlarge enough to really rock. Top names play there, tickets for standing are almost always available, and the venue itself is ornate in that ‘great venues of times past’ way.

The opening bands varied in quality and style, but for £14 a ticket, Juliette certianly offered serious musical bang-for-buck points.   Easily our favorite opening band of the night, Officer Kicks opened to all of 40 people. A surprisingly good London-based foursome, the music was classic rock, very american rockabilly at times. I’d buy the album or download it from iTunes. Officer Kicks’ lead singer needs to work on his stage moves a bit more, and maybe take some cool lessons from his lead guitarist, but definitely a great start to the night.

Next up was not-your-typical girl-led band Little Fish. The lead singer was masterful on the guitar and not afraid to pluck, twist and scrape her strings. The music was dark, a bit Goth at times and lyrics were not to be understood, nor were her talks to the audience. I got that they were from Oxford, that was it. Not a great trio, but she would make a pretty edgy solo-ist.

*NerdAlert* Last up before Juliette were Attack Attack from Wales. They are talented and high energy, and if they were better looking, they would probably already have a hit record, but for now they are geek without the Chic.

Juliette Lewis was a complete pro, though heading towards ‘diva’ if you ask me, coming on at 9:45 and ending promptly 65 minutes later, no encore. Dramatic, and completely in character, Juliette the rockstar has a new band The New Romantiques and was clearly ready to go down this more theatrical route. We were in the second row standing at Shepherds Bush Empire, and we were moshed by a very young and very ready to rock crowd. Juliette even came down and into the crowd, and touched/highfived and sweat all over us all, even kissing one lucky guy on the cheek. She loves the energy and feeds off the crowd. Check out photo exhibit A of Juliette hamming it up!

Juliette Lewis eats it up - photo by MissDani

Juliette by MissDani

Juliette sings her heart out - by MissDani

Juliette sings her heart out – by MissDani

Though an annoyingly short set, Juliette rocked new songs along with old – including Licks favs ‘Youre speaking my language’, and “Pray for the Band Latoya” (Oh yeah, stay righteous!).

Juliette - photo by MissDani

Juliette - photo by MissDani

The songs from her latest album Terra Incognita, were much better live than my first impression of the disc, and Juliette pulled out all the stops, including bongo drums and a nice string quartet for the last number: Suicide DiveBombers

That's the end, Juliette? - Photo by MissDani

That's the end, Juliette? - Photo by MissDani

I’ll go back to every show she does in London – even if she were to sell out the o2!




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