Top 5 London Tours

5 11 2009

Even as a local, London has so much to discover that it is often worth it to check out some of top tours that London has to offer. These are MyMetropole’s Top 5 recommendations. Some of them I have been on, some I want to go on and one I think I will need to seriously start training for before I begin!

Number 5: The Original Jack the Ripper Tours

I just recently did this tour, and I noticed three things:

a. Once you set off on the Original Jack the Ripper tours, it becomes clear  that Mr. Ripper was not a modern days mass murderer, only on record for killing 5 ladies back in 1888, though his killing style was gruesome.

b. There are a LOT of Jack the Ripper tours – the Original tours meet outside Aldgate East, the copycats meet at Aldgate station, and you will pass hundreds of shuffling feet all taking part in the tours between 7-9pm any given night of the week.

c. The tours are a fabulous way to learn about East London! You walk from Aldgate East, through Whitechapel, Petticoat Lane Market, you learn the history of Spitalfields, you walk through the City and a bit on Shoreditch. I would highly recommend the walk!

Number 4:  Flirting Tours of London

It’s a jungle out there in the London flirting scene, say Allure Seminars, who offer survival tours on Thursday and Friday nights. Survival? For the London dating scene, of course. See the sights of London while learning from a cultural anthropologist who teaches you to catch the eye of potential partners. (This is where I am so happy that I have a partner and don’t need to do all of this!!)

“The Flirting & Walking Tour of London” takes you on a 90 minute tour of ‘unrecognised’ flirting highlights of Central London’s art galleries, bookstores and supermarkets, with practical tuition and theoretical guidance from Cultural Anthropologist and Flirting Expert, Jean Smith.

Number 3: Urban Running Tours

I have not yet done this tour (hm, I wonder why?!) but for those who would like to pack in a real workout while checking out the sights of London, the Urban Running Tours are a great way to pack in more bang for your buck as you sprint through the streets of London. The website ensures a comfortable pace, but in this case comfortable is most certainly relative!

Number 2: Street Art Tours

Fellow Chicago native RJ Rushmore runs occassional street art tours of the East End’s graffiti scene. These 90-minute tours run between Old Street and Liverpool Street, stopping at the latest works of street art on walls and in galleries.

Number 1:  Insider London Tours

Uncover a place in London where cars drive on the right, a futuristic ‘floating’ staircase that weighs 5 tonnes, a chance to sample London’s glamorous egg toilets, a shimmering cave made from real gold and more quirky London spots with Insider London Tours. By far the coolest tours in London, these tour guides tailor the tours to you, running Modern Architecture, Street Art, Ethical Shopping, Amazing Places and foodie tours. They’ll bespoke tours for you as well!

Enjoy and let me know how any of the tours went if you heard it from me first!!!




4 responses

6 11 2009
Greg Watts

I gather that ‘Mad’ Frankie Fraser does guided mini-bus tours of his old underworld haunts in the East End, and everyone gets a plastic gun at the end.

6 11 2009

Hey Greg – you are right! Mad Frankie Fraser does Gangland Tours on Saturdays and Sundays for £45 a piece. I would say that’s highway robbery, but, it is Mad Frankie Fraser we’re dealing with 😉

8 11 2009
Greg Watts

But don’t tell him you think it’s highway robbery. Or he might send the boys round.

24 11 2009
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