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9 11 2009

During a click-through of The Londonist, I came across the section of interviews of fellow London bloggers, and I was stuck there reading for a good hour all of these detailed descriptions of tiny pieces of the London puzzle. I have learned so much about local areas and postcodes of this metropole of London through these blogs, and I have added them to my blog roll to share them with you as well.

The Deptford Dame blogs from my neck of the woods and is always right on the money about the SE8 area in which we live, and is a daily read for me. I am also so happy to discover Caroline’s Miscellany. Caronline blogs about Deptford and New Cross (and London and Brittany), and I learned that in 1944 the Woolworths in New Cross was bombed, and also that she and Deptford Dame both have been blogging about changes at Convoy’s Wharf.

The Blackheath Bugle has some beautiful videos of the Bonfire Night and fireworks finale right now, and Brockley Central has news of the Up the Line twilight/candlelight event in the Brockley and Ladywell Cemetery on the 11th.  These are both great for me, as a foreigner, who does not share these traditions, to get an insider view of the traditions and culture of Autumn in London.

The London Underground is a great blog about the tube and its many hairy tales, including the most recent post about a couple making whoopie on the tube!

Jane’s London is a treasure of a blog, showcasing the multitalented writer, photographer and blogger whose blog seeks to “document London treasures and quirks of design. Not the well traversed attractions and architectural legends, but the details in doorways, signs, bootscrapers and doorknobs,” (from the Londonist’s The London Blogger interview on Jane).

These are just a few examples of MyMetropole’s favorite London blogs, part 2 coming soon!




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10 11 2009
Greg Watts

While there are some really good London blogs, they aren’t that numerous. I’ve only come across a handful that have anything really interesting to say about the capital. Many London blogs I’ve taken a peek at are pretty poor. For my money, Diamond Geezer is the best London blog by a long way.

18 11 2009
Deptford Dame

Thanks for the mention! *blush*

10 03 2010

Wow! I have only just found this ref to my site and I am humbled by your comments. Thanks.

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