Le Cool London this week – Subtle Mob today!

12 11 2009


Flashmob Subtle Mob

What’s a subtle mob you say? Sign up here, open your email, download an MP3 file onto your iPod/phone and meet at the secret location at 6pm today. All at once, everyone hits play, and the simultaneous experience of Duncan Speakman’s Subtle Mob begins. Each participant follows their own set of directions, and is guided through slightly different versions of the same events. A plot will slowly unfold as spectators, actors, artists and musicians even (!) literally cause a scene. Taking place in London today, Bristol tomorrow and Liverpool on Saturday, this England-wide theatrical experience by the Vauxhall Collective artist is entitled “As If It Were The Last Time” and aims to make the actors (that’s you, with the headphones) see their own streets in a new way, as well as making a beautiful soundtrack for the cityscape which serves as the subtle mob’s stage. Forget a ‘spontaneous’ collective dance at Liverpool Street Station – this ain’t your mama’s (flash)mob. /

Secret, innit
how much



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