Total Rewall

3 12 2009

Launching tomorrow night for a week of unadulterated subversive subterranean art is the Total Rewall event in the Leake St Tunnel near Waterloo -starting at 7pm on 4 December and open all day everyday until the 10 December 2009.Some of you may remember this famous tunnel thanks to the Cans Festival last year thrown by none other than Banksy himself. As I pointed out in my Le Cool preview of Total Rewall this week, I thought myself clever to be sunning myself in Spain last year and I missed it.

This will be my first time in the Leake St Tunnel, and the premise of Total Rewall seems exciting enough:

First, 32 photographers were asked to take pics of places normally out-of-bounds for graffiti / street artists.

Total Rewall

Next, these pics will be blown up to mega size and laid throughout the tunnel.

Lastly, an open invitation is being sent out to street artists of all kinds – graffiti, stencil, etc, who are invited to come work their magic on all the pieces in what will have become a street artists pop up mecca. (That’s you, by the way, so get there!) Also, for those of us less-skilled in this area, visitors are invited too!

Total Rewall

From the Cans Festival

The evolution of the images will be documented on a daily basis and displayed on, and then Totalrewallers will create an online book available for download.




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