So you think you know London? Name this London Location

4 12 2009

Okay kids, its time to play Name this London Location…The winner gets MyMetropole column inches for anything your little heart desires. You want to vent? Show off some pics? Shamelessly plug your blog?  Tell me the name of this London location, and a MyMetropole plug and post is all yours!

Good Luck!




7 responses

4 12 2009

The Globe?

4 12 2009

There are over 100 pubs in London called the Globe…a little more specific would do….

4 12 2009

I know I know that the globe in Argyle Street

6 12 2009

Ah, a mighty good try Solange, but I am afraid it is NOT the globe in Argyle Street. I will give one hint, and only one: Jones, Bridget Jones.

7 12 2009
Geo Valentine

The Globe pub, Borough Market, London. Was a Bridget Jones’s Diary fim location.

7 12 2009

Geo!!! You are the winner! Congratulations! And as much as I am scared to know what’s coming – you’ll be getting your own mymetropole post all to yourself…clips, post, pics…its all yours. Email me your guest post!

4 01 2010
Great British film of 2009: Sherlock Holmes « MyMetropole

[…] Bridget Jones Diary scenes were filmed 4.7 miles from me in Southwark, SE1 (as in the location in this MyMetropole post) and that the nearest Sherlock Holmes location is 6 miles away at St Paul’s […]

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