Winner! Barb Alexander knows London…

18 12 2009

Colombia Road - MissDani

Barb Alexander of The Tudor Tudor Blog: Making the Dynasty Wicked Cool named this London location above: Colombia Road!

As promised – A guest post from Barb’s wicked cool Tudor Tudor blog

The official YouTube account of London’s historic royal palaces offers a lively and well-produced clip of the Tudor festivities at the beautiful and grand Hampton Court Palace, just outside the city.  If you can’t get to the palace this Christmas season, give it a view!
The Tudor Tutor: Making the Dynasty Wicked Cool!

Hi, I’m Barb Alexander, creator and writer of the Tudor Tutor blog, and former junior high and high school English teacher. Where there’s literature to teach, there’s history to teach! As a teacher, I got the biggest rush out of explaining historical people and events to teens in an exciting and relatable way. To be honest, that’s how I prefer to learn history as well — in my opinion, when our past is presented in an overly-scholarly, dusty way, it can be awfully yawn-inducing.
The history of the Tudor dynasty is a total soap opera and I’d love for everyone to have fun with it (learning something wouldn’t hurt, either!). The Tudor Tutor aims to do just that. You’re invited to check out the blog, join the Facebook group, and follow me on Twitter.

Many thanks to MyMetropole for the guest spot!




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17 01 2010
So you think you know London…Name this London location! « MyMetropole

[…] of course we’d like it to be London or Britain-related, if you can swing it!  Read the post from the most recent winner, Barb Alexander of TudorTudor […]

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