Who’s Jack – January 2010

7 01 2010

Who's Jack Issue 32

MissDani and I have  two articles in Who’s Jack for January. On page 42-43  I ramble a bit about Supper Clubs in London. This is a topic I’ve really become interested in, and have written about not only for Who’s Jack, but also for Heaver.com – also out this month.  The article covers the top current Undergrounds Restaurants, or Supper Clubs, in London including Hoxton Jupiter’s The Secret Ingredient in Stoke Newington, Arno Maasdorp’s The Saltoun Supper Club and The Salad Club in Brixton, Phlight in Fulham, and new kid on the block Civet Cat Club (around the corner from Jupiter’s Secret Ingredient).

The second article on p66 is a photo-article by MissDani and I on the book ‘This Book Will Change Your Life” by Benrik. The photographs feature the Barefaced Theatre Company, a creative bunch of individuals we had the pleasure of working with in November on the photoshoot. Barefaced was really willing to roll up their sleeves and undertake some fairly crazy improv situations such as “See the Virgin Mary in Everything” “Become a Secret Agent for the Day” and “Find a Lost Pet Day” (hang up a poster of a lost cat and see if anyone gives you one).

Another one of Benrik’s suggestions, “Start a Home Restaurant” inspired Horton Jupiter to do just that, sparking one of London’s Culinary Zeitgeists of the 2009.

Enjoy the articles and we would love your feedback! Make sure to have a click around the supper club websites and stay tuned in to what Barefaced is up to next.

Benrik Lost Cast - Barefaced

Saltoun Supper Club

The Salad Club

The Salad Club




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