It’s Who You Know…Brett Jefferson Stott

9 01 2010

Brett Jefferson Stott is exactly the reason why I do these It’s Who You Know interviews. Director of Shoot Experience, a wildly popular photography services company based in London, Brett’s journey to his current entrepreneurial success is formed by a varied history: Where his passion led, he followed. Shoot Experience is an experiential photography organisation focusing on photography and audience participation, through photo treasure hunts, popular events such as the Shoot London event at the Tate and ShootSpitalfields events, photographic competitions, photography workshops and corporate events.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Brett exclusively for MyMetropole.

MyMetropole: Shoot Experience is such a fun concept. Where did you get the initial idea?

Brett:I had heard of a scavenger hunt in NYC in 2004 and thought it would be good to try something here. I chatted about it with a few friends and moulded the idea until it became a photo treasure hunt.

It took us 3 or 4 events to tweak the format we have now. The original concept was more of a Shoot London, Shoot Tokyo, etc. In the end we started small with a Shoot Shoreditch event in October 2005 which got the attention of Tate Modern who we then partnered with for our first Shoot London in May 2006. The rest, as they say, is history…

MyMetropole: What is your background?

Brett: I studied multimedia and worked producing multimedia and online content for 10 years. I also taught modules of degree courses at various institutions in South Africa and the UK.

This did involve photography to some degree and the experience and skills transferred quite well.

MyMetropole: What is the best part of your current day job?

Brett:We get to travel quite a bit and work with top galleries and museums on exciting projects which is very satisfying.

People get a lot of joy out of the work we do which is a pleasure to witness!

Shoot Spitalfields

MyMetropole: So you own an experiential photography company, worked in multimedia and online content production…What was your dream job?

Brett:I actually started out in music which was my dream. New media as it was then, when it was still quite new, was more of a back up. (Brett recorded under the names Jefferson and Freedom Republic).

Shoot Experience was almost accidental, I never set out to run a photography business – an idea became a business and it just grew that way.

I would have never thought 10 years ago that I would be doing what I am now but I am grateful for it and it has become my passion!

MyMetropole: What are your favourite London locations for picture taking?

Brett:I love the Square Mile – on the weekends its empty and the architecture and history is fascinating. You can really uncover some little known gems like St Dunstans Church which had its roof blown off in one of the wars and is now turned into a garden.

It is however an area where you are likely to be queried by police when taking photos.

MyMetropole: What are you favourite London locations for party/relaxation/restaurants?

Brett:Haggerston Park near where I live in Dalston is a really underrated park where I enjoy hanging out in the summer.

Our offices were in Shoreditch until recently and so the Vietnamese restaurants on Kingsland Road saw a good deal of our custom, especially Tay Do cafe.

There are some really great pubs near Dalston, the George, the Haggerston and the Skolt Head.

Read more about Brett Jefferson Stott and ShootExperience.




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