I’m a photographer, not a terrorist

12 01 2010

Actually, I am neither a photographer nor a terrorist. And this is a travel & lifestyle blog about London, not a soapbox. But frankly I have been appalled at the stories of arrests of photographers going about their business throughout London and being arrested for it. Photographers are documenters of contemporary society, of architecture, and of the varied little enclaves of life that make humans such interesting creatures.  Taking  pictures of the architecture in the City of London is no more illegal than scanning the structures with your own eyes.

In a country with the highest levels of surveillance in the entire world and enough CCTV cameras to stir Orwell up out of  the grave, it

is inconceivable that innocent photography should be restricted. The average London resident is caught on surveillance footage over 300 times a day, according to last week’s Evening Standard, and yet crimes solved using CCTV footage has actually steadily decreased over the last 10 years. The government can advocate an (needless) increase in the use of cameras, yet Londoners and visitors to this great Metropole are being arrested for (innocently)  pointing their own lenses.

The thought of my favorite photographer, MissDani, being arrested for taking a picture of St Pauls Cathedral is horrifying, as is the thought of not being able to enjoy her photography and that of others who capture this buzzing capital city and showcase it for the world.

I’m a Photographer, Not a Terrorist is a mass photo gathering in protest of recent arrests and the overreaching invocation of terrorism laws.

12pm, 23 January, Trafalgar Square. Be there!




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12 01 2010

I love that promotional poster at the top; super cool 🙂

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