Urban Species on Unlabelled Britain

19 01 2010

I’ve just recently started contributing to the blog Unlabelled Britain, run by the oh so cool and the gang guys from the VisitBritain office  over in New York. My latest post on Unlabelled Britain is on Urban Species in Shoreditch (see below). Unlabelled Britain is one of the best, freshest blogs out there covering the whole of Britain, and I’m geeked to be a part of it! Check it out!

Take it from them, Shoreditch shop owners know ‘East End’ cool

Urban Species 2

London can seem like an endless metropolis, impossible to navigate or even know where to start. Dig a bit deeper, though and you’ll find that London is really a collection of interrelated boroughs, a series of small towns. If you are looking to navigate your way through east London’s Shoreditch area, Urban Species is a great place to start. Owner Sarah and her son Hash, own and run the store located just off of Brick Lane, though they are just as much conduits for the creative community as they are simple shop owners.

Urban Species 3

Urban Species have their own lines ofclothing and art, are Marvel and DC Comics licensees, and are also an events company bringing together local artists, designers, dancers, musicians, even special effects make-up artists to produce exhibitions and club nights around town.

I recently met with Sarah to talk about the store and what’s on this year at Urban Species. Sarah tipped me off that we can expect to see a series of pop up shops being installed, the first of which is from the brand Moneypenny. Sarah is also one of the kindest and most welcoming people I’ve met in the area, which is why I would definitely suggest popping in if you get the chance and chatting with Sarah, Hash and the whole Urban Species gang for some insider tips on Shoreditch.





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