So many reasons to hang @ BFI London

20 02 2010

Every week is a film festival at the BFI.

The British Film Institute have themed weeks and months, sometimes in advance of a film coming out, sometimes because they’ve got so much knowledge about film that they are able to put together some of the best Film Series. The BFI includes the BFI Southbank and the BFI Imax, both within a 10 minute walk of each other. Then there’s the London Film Festival they host every year, the AV Club nights – Dark Fibre held on a bi-weekly basis, the free wi-fi in their ultra-trendy Benugo lounge where anyone can sit and enjoy coffee and some excellent company.

In advance of the release of the latest Johnny Depp film Alice in Wonderland, the BFI is running a film series exploring the many faces of the famous actor. From his role as John Dillinger to Edward Scissorhands to Sweeny Todd and that famous pirate, Johnny Depp has played more varying roles than almost any other actor in film, and a handpicked selection of which can be seen at the BFI.

In addition, the BFI screening several versions of Alice Wonderland to have been filmed in the last century since the first film from 1903. This and other interpretations of Alice in Wonderland can be seen for free (as in £0.00) in the BFI Mediateques, which are essentially the national film archive where you can sit and watch thousands of films absolutely free.  Some of the best versions will be shown up on the big screen, including the 1933 Paramount produced adaption staring Gary Cooper as the White Night, Cary Grant as the Mock Turtle and W.C. Fields as Humpty Dumpty through to Jan Švankmajer’s surreal take on the tale – a wonderfully creepy and chilling offering, where Wonderland is filled with menacing stop-motion characters.

Coming up at the BFI Southbank

Sunday 21 February
Late Autumn
British Animation Awards 2010: Programme Three
The Ninth Gate

Monday 22 February
Five Easy Pieces
Letter from an Unknown Woman
Adam’s Rib

Tuesday 23 February
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Doomwatch: Winter Angel + The Cult of Doomwatch
Letter from an Unknown Woman

Wednesday 24 February
Early Spring
Preview: Don’t Worry About Me + Q&A with David Morrissey
An Autumn Afternoon

The good ‘ol times of film at the BFI:




One response

1 03 2010

LOVE these videos! Nice start to my day. Thanks, Jess!

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