Name this London location #5

15 03 2010

This is one of my favourite London locations. Name it and score yourself a MyMetropole post to show off even more of your skillz…showcase your writing, your photos, your short films or clips…

Good luck!

Name this London location



3 responses

17 03 2010

Inside the Stables Market in Camden!

18 03 2010
We have a winner! « MyMetropole

[…] have a winner! 18 03 2010 Mariposa has correctly guessed the latest MyMetropole¬†So you think you know London post – The Camden Stables Market, one of my absolute favourite London locations! As promised, […]

12 05 2010
Winner – Mariposa Explores…the Neasden Temple « MyMetropole

[…] – Mariposa Explores…the Neasden Temple 12 05 2010 Winner of the most recent So You Think You Know London challenge, Mariposa, explores Neasden Temple in her guest post spot. Words and pictures by […]

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