Shoreditch House Members Club

22 04 2010


I don’t need this. On a few rational levels, I understand that I don’t want this. But on so many other levels – I want to join the Shoreditch House members club.



The 4th floor has a bar – The Biscuit Tin, and a bowling alley – The Biscuit Pin. Genius.

The 5th floor has the Square Bar with free wi-fi and wireless printers. There is a games room, and a room called Snug. As in, in a bug in a rug. It’s like your living room. But nicer. Way nicer. With space for 18, a pool table, couches, an American-style fridge and a warm glow.

Then there is the sitting room, which is filled with large deco chairs to work from, each of these is like their own private space for those who might really like to focus rather than looking around and feeling clever for being a member.

The 5th floor also has a private dining room for groups up to 14 off the side of the sitting room for even more privacy.

Oh, wait did you think we were finished? I haven’t even gotten to the best part. The rooftop.  Here you’ll find an restaraunt, a garden, and a pool, which is open all year round and has views of the east London skyline.

There are 26 bedrooms for you to crash in, all with bespoke furniture, old-fashioned phones, wooden shutters, rainforest showers, and each has a Borrow Me collection of vintage books, games and accessories with which to play dress up, should you be awash with such a desire.

Shoreditch House is also home to the Cowshed Spa, which offers mani-pedis, treatments,has a cafe and also does Pretty Parties complete with treatments, dinner and wine for you and your friends, plus a sauna, steam room and state-of-the-art gym.

The cost? £700 a year for Local House membership, which means you can only use the facilities of Shoreditch House. Splurge and pay £1200 and get access to sister clubs Soho House and Electric House, too.

I can’t find enough reasons for me NOT to join…



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