Rankin does Celebrity Portraits @ Annroy

14 06 2010

This post was originally posted on The Scoop, a fantastic new blog run by Cherry Sorbet Creative, a virtual colleague of ours through le cool London.

We are really looking forward to this one.

Acclaimed celeb snapper Rankin is hosting a new exhibition of his celebrity portaits entitled, not unsuprisingly, “Portraits”. Accompanied by a coffee table book of the same name, the exhbition will showcase the icons of our generation including Madge, Kylie, U2, Blair, Brown, Gorbachov and the Queen.

Rankin’s legacy as co-founder of Dazed and Confused along with his imminent style of intimate photographic portraiture makes him a leading figure in pop culture and fashion photography.

Cherry Sorbet (and MyMetropole!) is looking forward to popping along to Annroy for when this opens.

Beth Ditto © Rankin
Ricky Gervais © Rankin
Portraits by Rankin is distributed in the UK by Turnaround, priced £40, http://www.turnaround-uk.com. An exhibition of the work will run from 18th June – 18th July at Annroy Gallery, details can be found at www.rankin.co.uk

Top 5 London Cemeteries

12 06 2010

I am not sure what it is about cemeteries that fascinates me so much. It certainly has no morbid roots at all. Maybe it is the differences in the traditions between various cultures, like the grand tombstones and statues in Parisian cemeteries versus the colourful above ground plots throughout Latin America. Wherever I travel to, visit a major cemetery is always on the to-do list.

This especially goes for England, home to some of the most beautiful cemeteries I have seen. Most English cemeteries are separated into a new and an older section, the former usually less interesting than the latter. The older tombstones offer countless things to discover, interesting inscriptions which inspire me to wonder about the lives of the people and their families, beautiful sculptures, famous people…

London in particular has beautiful cemeteries rich in history and beauty and shrouded in mystery and wonder. Here are my top 5 both for visitors to this great metropolis, and for Londoners, too, plus a 32 image gallery of beautiful photos by photographer, Mariposa!

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London is the place for me

9 06 2010

This song by Lord Kitchener, or ‘The Kitch’, describes my feelings for London exactly.