Shoreditch House Members Club

22 04 2010


I don’t need this. On a few rational levels, I understand that I don’t want this. But on so many other levels – I want to join the Shoreditch House members club.

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Sex and Punk: Malcolm McLaren’s London boutique legacy

12 04 2010

Sex Pistol‘s manager, creator of Punk, HipHopper and fashion paradigm-shifter Malcolm McLaren died last week, causing the music, fashion and pop culture worlds to examine McLaren’s  significance not only as a man and a major music game-changer, but also relating words to him like legacy and icon.

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This week in le cool London

24 03 2010

For those of you who don’t know, I do a bit of writing for a funky little online mag here in London called le cool.

Lately, I have been doing less actual review writing, as I am now editing our new blog – le blog London.  The name is blatantly obvious, but we figured, hey, it’s what people are going to call it anyway! It’s an opportunity for us to take a closer look at the people behind the publication, give props to our writers, do extended versions of interviews, promote and highlight more of what makes London tick and basically give all sorts of people more space to show off their art, their creativity, and the programmes, organisations and associations into which they pour their heart and soul.

le cool is a local oh-so-in-the-know publication with versions in London, Barcelona, Madrid, Dublin, Lisbon, Moscow, Istanbul and Budapest.  We in London are the first with a significant social media presence – le blog, le Facebook, le Twitter.

Check out this week’s le cool, subscribe here and visit le blog here!

This week in le cool:


CINEMA Land of the FreeChicagoClint Eastwood Double Bill
TALK The Big ItchTechnology You Can’t Live WithoutThe Art of StorytellingKidnap and the Media
GIG James BlackshawEliza DoolittleThe JCC Other Seder,Cosey Club
FESTIVAL Wandsworth Common Beer FestivalTwestival
FUN IN A MUSEUM Playgrounds
MARKET Hackney Wick Flea Market #8
PROTEST Save 6 Music
GAMES The Hand Baked Arcade
CRAFT Make A Dress Weekend
FOOD/DRINK The Bridge Coffee HouseUnderground Farmers & Craft Market A French Picture Show
WALK Shoot Portobello – Alice in Wonderland
PARTY Manhattan Tea Party
FOOD/GIG An Evening with Levi Roots

See You Next Tuesday

6 03 2010

In celebration of International Woman’s Day 2010, the genius women behind V-Day London, Annie Saunders and Emma Jane Richards, are putting on a cheeky festival from the 8-20 March called See You Next Tuesday at The New Players Theatre.  Unfortunately I was unable to make it to the press launch (thanks for the invite ladies!), but I heart the festival nonetheless. More information on all the goodies going on at the festival can be found at the theatre’s website (click on the image below).

New London gallery – Morton Metropolis

1 03 2010

Morton Metropolis is a new London gallery located in Berwick Street run by Serena Morton, contemporary art specialist, and music manager Rave Costbert.  This unique new gallery’s spring/summer season is opening with a month-long exhibit by Rupert Shrive called After St Teresa, from 3 March to 6 April.

I’ve yet to make it to the new gallery, but have only heard great things about this trendy space. Serena and Rave make a point of using this gallery as a way to develop talented up-and –coming artists, and this year’s programme is heaving with excellent exhibits. Check out and if you make it to the gallery before me, don’t hesitate to drop me a line and let me know how you like it!

Plan an extra hour in to your trip and check out the Photographers Gallery on Ramilles Street, which I blogged about months ago and just genuinely love!

Morton Metropolis
41 – 42 Berners Street

Photographers Gallery
6 – 18 Ramillies Street
London W1F 7LW

So many reasons to hang @ BFI London

20 02 2010

Every week is a film festival at the BFI.

The British Film Institute have themed weeks and months, sometimes in advance of a film coming out, sometimes because they’ve got so much knowledge about film that they are able to put together some of the best Film Series. The BFI includes the BFI Southbank and the BFI Imax, both within a 10 minute walk of each other. Then there’s the London Film Festival they host every year, the AV Club nights – Dark Fibre held on a bi-weekly basis, the free wi-fi in their ultra-trendy Benugo lounge where anyone can sit and enjoy coffee and some excellent company.

In advance of the release of the latest Johnny Depp film Alice in Wonderland, the BFI is running a film series exploring the many faces of the famous actor. From his role as John Dillinger to Edward Scissorhands to Sweeny Todd and that famous pirate, Johnny Depp has played more varying roles than almost any other actor in film, and a handpicked selection of which can be seen at the BFI.

In addition, the BFI screening several versions of Alice Wonderland to have been filmed in the last century since the first film from 1903. This and other interpretations of Alice in Wonderland can be seen for free (as in £0.00) in the BFI Mediateques, which are essentially the national film archive where you can sit and watch thousands of films absolutely free.  Some of the best versions will be shown up on the big screen, including the 1933 Paramount produced adaption staring Gary Cooper as the White Night, Cary Grant as the Mock Turtle and W.C. Fields as Humpty Dumpty through to Jan Švankmajer’s surreal take on the tale – a wonderfully creepy and chilling offering, where Wonderland is filled with menacing stop-motion characters.

Coming up at the BFI Southbank

Sunday 21 February
Late Autumn
British Animation Awards 2010: Programme Three
The Ninth Gate

Monday 22 February
Five Easy Pieces
Letter from an Unknown Woman
Adam’s Rib

Tuesday 23 February
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Doomwatch: Winter Angel + The Cult of Doomwatch
Letter from an Unknown Woman

Wednesday 24 February
Early Spring
Preview: Don’t Worry About Me + Q&A with David Morrissey
An Autumn Afternoon

The good ‘ol times of film at the BFI:

Altitude 360 is hosting a Grammy Awards Charity event for Haiti

30 01 2010

Altitude 360 is hosting an exclusive screening of the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards with all proceeds going to fundraising event for Haiti, this Sunday 31 January, 2010. The event will involve a charity auction and a live screening of the ceremony with celebrity interviews straight from the red carpet.  Doors open at 8pm to 3am.

All proceeds raised through this event will go directly to the Red Cross in aid of Haiti. With only 600 tickets available for this event, entry is exclusively available for Altitude 360 Facebook Fans only.  Fans must RSVP by emailing, and will be selected on a first come first served basis.

Altitude 360 provides an 8,300 square foot events space offering 360-degree panoramic views across London, overlooking some of London’s monumental landmarks including The Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and The London Eye.


For further information please visit the event’s Facebook page.

Altitude 360
Millbank Tower, 21-24 Millbank, London, SW1P 4QP
Tel: +44 (0) 845 500 2929

Guest Post: My Favourite Place in London

14 01 2010
One of the coolest things about running this blog is the chance I get to connect with other bloggers who share my love for London. One such blogger is Joe Harvey, of Centre of the World, which intertwines a passion for writing and a passion for London through poetic storytelling with unrelated imagery of particular London locations.

Joe’s been good enough to share some of this knowledge (and his pics) with MyMetropole. Enjoy his guest post below and stay tuned for a follow-up by yours truly, whose goal it is to go check out a few of these locations that I either have not yet visited or didn’t even know about!!


My favourite place in London…

Of London’s myriad sites of intrigue and entertainment, the places and buildings that are most out of kilter with their surroundings tend to endear themselves to me the most.

In the North-West of the city, a gigantic limestone and marble Hindu Mandir hides amongst the grim suburbs of ‘the loneliest village in London’ – Neasden.

Shri Swaminarayan Mandir (Neasden Temple)

Camley Street Natural Park provides a retreat of calmness only yards away from the industrial activity of King’s Cross St Pancras.

Camley Street Natural Park

However, my favourite place in London has to be somewhere within the East End of the metropolis, where I currently live. In between disused docks, derelict warehouses and vacant lanes, is Trinity Buoy Wharf. This peculiar peninsula is home to London’s only lighthouse, a thousand-year-long record featuring Tibetan “singing bowls”, a minute hut displaying the works of Michael Faraday, a city made out of recycled cargo containers, “fatburgers” and a multitude of artwork, both complete and in progress.

Since 1998, this former buoy manufacturing site has dedicated itself to the creative arts and now houses approximately 350 artists and businesses. Artwork is strewn around the wharf, while in the distance

Antony Gormley’s Quantum Cloud

structure sits just to the side of the building formerly known as the Millennium Dome.

Fatboy’s Diner, an original 1940s all-American diner, serves ‘Fatburgers’, American breakfasts, omelettes and sandwiches. All delicious.

The Chain and Buoy Store and the Superintendent’s House provide the wharf with its historical insight. While Container City, a community built out of shipping crates, provides an alternative view on modern housing. London’s only lighthouse is home to the Longplayer Sound installation, an ever-evolving piece of music that has been designed to play continuously without repetition for a thousand years.

Container City

As with many of London’s delights, Trinity Buoy Wharf is enhanced by its inauspicious surroundings. Docks lie disused and industry unplugged. Regeneration is needed and the wharf is a prime example of how creativity can be used to rejuvenate a vacant space into an extraordinary site.

Thanks to Centre of the World for this excellent guest post!

I’m a photographer, not a terrorist

12 01 2010

Actually, I am neither a photographer nor a terrorist. And this is a travel & lifestyle blog about London, not a soapbox. But frankly I have been appalled at the stories of arrests of photographers going about their business throughout London and being arrested for it. Photographers are documenters of contemporary society, of architecture, and of the varied little enclaves of life that make humans such interesting creatures.  Taking  pictures of the architecture in the City of London is no more illegal than scanning the structures with your own eyes.

In a country with the highest levels of surveillance in the entire world and enough CCTV cameras to stir Orwell up out of  the grave, it

is inconceivable that innocent photography should be restricted. The average London resident is caught on surveillance footage over 300 times a day, according to last week’s Evening Standard, and yet crimes solved using CCTV footage has actually steadily decreased over the last 10 years. The government can advocate an (needless) increase in the use of cameras, yet Londoners and visitors to this great Metropole are being arrested for (innocently)  pointing their own lenses.

The thought of my favorite photographer, MissDani, being arrested for taking a picture of St Pauls Cathedral is horrifying, as is the thought of not being able to enjoy her photography and that of others who capture this buzzing capital city and showcase it for the world.

I’m a Photographer, Not a Terrorist is a mass photo gathering in protest of recent arrests and the overreaching invocation of terrorism laws.

12pm, 23 January, Trafalgar Square. Be there!

London slang, innit?

10 12 2009

Slowly but surely I am coming to terms with the fact that I cant be walkin round talkin like I’m from Chicago, yo. I need say things like, yeah? and Innit? Well-chuffed and bruv.

But I am no where near understanding Cockney!