as you are: Photo exhibit at Rich Mix, Bethnal Green

15 07 2010

Photographer, artist and documentary filmmaker Giulietta Verdon-Roe‘s personal work is presently focused on a long-term documentary project about the island and way of life of North Ronaldsay, the furthest northern island of Orkney. It’s a fascinating story of a potentially dying island.

Giulietta first visited the island in 2008 when there

were 63 residents, 4 of which were children and attended the local school. On her second visit earlier this year, the population had dropped to 53 residents and an empty school Рa concern to the both the residents and local authorities as well as the surrounding islands and their future.

Whilst Giulietta intends for this to be a continuing piece of work, she willshowcase a selection of images at her latest exhibition, as you are, at the Rich Mix in Bethnal Green from 15th July to 15th August.

Through her photography, Giulietta is able to offer a brilliant insight into a culture that has essential remained unchanged for many years.

Kinetica Art Fair

14 02 2010

The Kinetica Art Fair at the Ambika Gallery in Marylebone was a massive robot-palooza for geek artists world wide in early February. This was the second year in a row for the event, and considering its huge success, we are likely to see Kinetica Art Fair come even stronger in 2011.

Enjoy a quick visit to the event via Youtube: