as you are: Photo exhibit at Rich Mix, Bethnal Green

15 07 2010

Photographer, artist and documentary filmmaker Giulietta Verdon-Roe‘s personal work is presently focused on a long-term documentary project about the island and way of life of North Ronaldsay, the furthest northern island of Orkney. It’s a fascinating story of a potentially dying island.

Giulietta first visited the island in 2008 when there

were 63 residents, 4 of which were children and attended the local school. On her second visit earlier this year, the population had dropped to 53 residents and an empty school – a concern to the both the residents and local authorities as well as the surrounding islands and their future.

Whilst Giulietta intends for this to be a continuing piece of work, she willshowcase a selection of images at her latest exhibition, as you are, at the Rich Mix in Bethnal Green from 15th July to 15th August.

Through her photography, Giulietta is able to offer a brilliant insight into a culture that has essential remained unchanged for many years.

It’s Who You Know – Photographer Adam Brown

25 04 2010

MyMetropole caught up with east London based photographer Adam Brown to talk about how he got into photography, his current work,  parts of London he loves best, and a hard lesson in remembering to remove the lens cap! Read on for more with Adam Brown.

Snap! Top Photography Exhibits in London

6 09 2009

Everyone is a photographer, photography itself  a ubiquitous activity as mindless and banal as breathing. I’ve got a 3 megapixel camera on my phone that has more tricks than I care to understand. I stop and shoot a few things here and there, the images never leave my phone.  Others run around with their basic Cannons carelessly shooting everything in sight and uploading all of the photos into a Facebook album or Flickr site. I even had a woman selling perfume yesterday on Oxford Street toss  a free disposable camera my way to entice me to buy some cut-rate scents.

That’s not high-quality, none of that is (intentionally) art.

Not surprisingly, however, London is also teeming with amazing photography at the moment, and Saturday saw us doing a bit of an impromptu photography tour.

The Photographer’s Gallery in Ramilles Row has an exhibit on now called André Kertész: On Reading which is fascinating, and the cafe offers some of the best Chocolate Banana Cake I’ve seen in a while (of course I was too full from breakfast here to eat it!). The bookshop will keep you busy for at least an extra half an hour of your visit.

On Reading at The Photographer's Gallery

On Reading at The Photographer's Gallery

The Getty Images Gallery is currently running the Londoner’s Through a Lens exhibit until 12 September – a collaboration with TimeOut. If you miss it, the collaboration has produced a book of even more photos. I’m saving my comments on this for my write up on the Gallery in next week’s Le Cool London out on Thursday – but very interesting. For anyone living in London, it’s a must-see and a tribute to Health and Safety employees everywhere.

Londoners Through a Lens

Londoners Through a Lens

The James Hyman Gallery in Savile Row has Brigitte Bardot mania. The subterranean gallery is an open and surprisingly light space, and the exhibit, Brigitte Bardot and the Original Paparazzi is an excellent glimpse into the life of this French superstar taken by some of the most famous paparazzi photographers of the time.

brigitte bardot

The photography blitz continues in London this autumn with the Natural History Museum‘s exhibition of the Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2009 from  23 October 2009 – 26 April 2010.  While I love to see the images of the wildlife themselves, I most prefer to imagine what the photographers must have gone through to get that perfect shot. Sitting in the bush in the blazing heat, holding of a flinch from an insect flying near the eyes, ignoring a growl or a howl behind you, just to capture the image.


At the National Portrait Gallery from 5 November 2009 – 14 February 2010, the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize showcases talented work of young not-yet-made-its alongside the the been-there-shot-that professionals, and of course I can’t miss the Beatles to Bowie: The 60s Exposed exhibition on from Mid October!

Beatles NPG

I’m looking most forward to Photomonth – East London Photography Festival from 1 October – 30 November 2009, as this festival will give me the excuse to check out several galleries and spaces in the East End over a two-month period and catch some really exciting international exhibitions of varied, cutting edge, comtemporary photography by the established and up-and-coming crews.

Photomonth - East London Photography Festival

Photomonth - East London Photography Festival